We have lovingly refurbished our first floor, creating an elegant cocktail bar and games room complete with pool table, dartboard and smart TV. We'd like the space to be enjoyed by all and as a result have set a few simple house rules to ensure the venue stays in good shape. We hope you understand these changes.






No decorations are to be pinned or tacked to the walls/floors/ceilings etc. The cost of any damages incurred at the event will be taken out of the deposit. If you feel that you would like to add your own touch to your event please speak to the Event Coordinator who will help you with this. We also have large cinema box in the main space that you can personalise with your own message.

sound levels

Our sound system is a small background speaker set up and is not designed for DJs, or club night style events. No external DJs or equipment are permitted Upstairs at The Joker moving forward. Sound levels will be restricted where deemed appropriate. 

staff areas

Areas signed ‘Private’ are not to be used by event staff or guests at any time.

The back fire exit not open to the public and is not to be used as a smoking area under any circumstance. Offenders will be asked to leave the venue with no re-entry.


The venue will provide security where it feels necessary to ensure customer and staff safety during an event.


The venue operates a strict over 18 policy for all events. This applies to event planners and guests. Photographic ID will be required.


Any customers or event staff found to be disrespectful to venue staff or the venue itself will be removed with no re-entry. Overly intoxicated customers will be removed by security if deemed necessary.


The venue will work to uphold our licensing conditions and local authorities’ licensing objectives at all times.