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FOOTBALl's coming to the joker

Literally kicking off on the 14th June, we will be showing the 21st Fifa World Cup.

We've installed a 65 inch screen at the front of the pub, with surround sound for your World Cup fix. COME ON ENGLAND!

Or if you'd prefer to watch a match with your pals in private, take advantage of our hireable games room upstairs, complete with TV, pool table and dart board. 

Expect a few beer and wing deals along the way. To book a table, booth or the Games Room email us at




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Here is a  list of the matches we'll be showing

14th June, Russia v Saudi Arabia, 16:00
15th June, Egypt v Uruguay, 13:00
15th June, Portugal v Spain, 19:00
16th June, France v Australia, 11:00
16th June, Argentina v Iceland, 14:00
17th June, Germany v Mexico, 16:00
17th June, Brazil v Switzerland, 19:00
18th June, Tunisia v England, 19:00
19th June, Poland v Senegal, 16:00
20th June, Iran v Spain, 19:00
21st June, Denmark v Australia, 13:00
21st June, France v Peru, 16:00
21st June, Argentina v Croatia, 19:00
22nd June, Brazil v Costa Rica, 13:00
23rd June, Germany v Sweden, 19:00
24th June, England v Panama, 13:00
24th June, Poland v Colombia, 19:00
25th June, Spain v Morocco, 19:00
26th June, Denmark v France, 15:00
26th June, Iceland v Croatia, 19:00
26th June, Argentina v Nigeria, 19:00
27th June, South Korea v Germany, 15:00
27th June, Serbia v Brazil, 19:00
28th June, England v Belgium, 19:00

last 16

30th June, Group C Winner v Group D Second Place, 15:00
30th June, Group A Winner v Group B Second Place, 19:00
1st July, Group B Winner v Group A Second Place, 15:00
1st July, Group D Winner v Group C Second Place, 19:00
2nd July, Group E Winner v Group F Second Place, 15:00
2nd July, Group G Winner v Group H Second Place, 19:00
3rd July, Group F Winner v Group E Second Place, 15:00
3rd July, Group H Winner v Group G Second Place, 19:00

Quarter Finals

6th July, Quarter-Finalist 1 v Quarter-Finalist 2, 15:00
6th July, Quarter-Finalist 5 v Quarter-Finalist 6, 19:00
7th July, Quarter-Finalist 7 v Quarter-Finalist 8, 15:00
7th July, Quarter-Finalist 3 v Quarter-Finalist 4, 19:00


Semi Finals

10th July, Semi-Finalist 1v Semi-Finalist 2, 19:00
11th July, Semi-Finalist 3 v Semi-Finalist 4, 19:00


3rd/4th Play-offs

14th July, 3rd Place Play Off 1 v 3rd Place Play Off 2, 15:00


World Cup 2018 Final

15th July, Finalist 1 v Finalist 2, 16:00








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